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These instructions work also for the 1998 Land Rover Discovery. Just like the last guy said, you need to first depressure the fuel system, by first opening the hood, and pulling the fuse for the fuel system. Then start the truck, and wait for it die from fuel starvation. Next disconnect the NEGATIVE battery cable from the battery.

If hands are nimble or small enough, you don't have to remove the tire, but I suggest you get a working light, so you can see what you're doing. OK, remove the filter strap, and the gently pull the filter towards you. A new filter is about $10 at Advance Auto Parts. The generic one works just fine.

MAKE SURE you are not near any ignition sources BEFORE you open the fuel lines. And get a large shop towel or something like that to catch the extra fuel that's left over in the lines, and old filters.

You'll need two open ended wrenches to properly remove the fuel line from the filter. Don't cheat and try to muscle it. You'll regret it. Just twist the two wrenches gently, but firmly once you're locked onto the ends, and break the torque. Once you get it off, take a look at the new filter. The arrow on the filter body should point towards the front of the truck. Put everything back the way you found it, and Viola!!

The last thing to do of course is check for leaks. Once you connect the battery again, just turn the vehicle to the ignition position, and listen for the fuel pump to pressure up the lines. Now take a look at the fuel filter connections, to see if you are leaking fuel. If it's dry then you're done. Take it for a spin, contribute to the forum if you learn something new about the Discovery 1 and pass it forward. Cheers...


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Q: How do you replace the fuel filter located on a 1996 Land Rover Discovery?
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