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How do you replace the fuel filter located on a 1999 Chevy S-10?


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2015-07-15 19:16:43
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First locate the fuel filter, it is connected to the fuel line running from the gas tank. You can locate it under the frame at the drivers side door. It has 3 lines, 2 flowing in, 1 flowing out. First, unscrew the housing from the gram, this will be a 1/2 inch bold, after removing it, push the brake lines off the housing. There will be clips on each fuel line, they should look similar to you if you done work like this before, their clip ons, to remove it, you will need to push in the two white clips at the tip in, you may need to use a flat head screwdriver to pry it off. Next you need to buy a replacement, this will be hard to find, a few places offer it such as, and NAPA. After getting it, you all you need to do is clip it back on, and screw the houseing into the frame.


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The 1999 Nissan Ultima fuel filter is located in the fuel tank. The fuel filter is not visible and is very costly to replace.

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If you question the condition of the fuel filter, just replace it with a new one.

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