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How do you replace the fuel filter located on a 2002 Ford Expedition 4.6L?


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(someone wrote, previously):

take off clips pull off old one from fuel line in back and put new one on.

While this answer is correct, it's very uninformative. In particular, you must turn off the fuel pump and drain the gas in the line before disconnecting the fuel line from the filter.

Other than that, the previous answer is mostly true for most fuel filters. Some screw on/off, since they're located in the engine compartment, where the fuel line is metal tubing.

The Expedition (and the F-150) has its fuel filter inline with the rubber tubing portion of the fuel line. It is located under the truck, driver side, almost exactly under the driver's seat.

The clips that the previous "answerer" refers to are quick-release clips on the Ford trucks. You may be able to work them off without the special tool, but it's smoother with them. If the guy at the parts store doesn't know about clips like this for fuel lines, ask about quick-release tools for a/c lines.

IMPORTANT: Turn off the fuel pump before you disconnect the filter. There are two ways to do this: 1. Remove the passenger side kick panel and find the relay for the fuel pump. Pull off the clip (don't drop it, it's a real PITA) and save. There's a bright red indicator for the fuel pump hookup--this is very near the fuel pump reset switch, which turns off the pump after a hard impact, i.e., an accident. 2. Disconnect the battery.

Option 2 is much easier, but you do lose your AM/FM presets, memory settings for the driver seat, etc.

After turning off the fuel pump, drain the gas in the line by starting the engine and allowing it to die. Turn off the ignition and proceed to the fuel filter.

There's not quite enough clearance to do the job without raising the car. Drive-up ramps, jackstands, even a curb can help you make this happen.

The manual I used recommended keeping a bucket/tray/etc to catch any gas still in the line. I didn't find a drop, but you may want to take this precaution.

There are clips on either side of the fuel filter, where the fuel line joins by overlapping each nozzle of the filter. Remove these with pliers.

Take the disconnect tool and close one end (they're like pliers with half-circles on the end) around one side of the fuel filter. Make sure it's pretty snug, then while holding the tool closed, slide it towards the attached line. The tool should go under the line and push it off. Repeat for the other side.

Install the new filter by pushing the lines over each nozzle (make sure the direction indicator is pointing towards the engine). Replace the clips.

Turn the fuel pump back on and check for leaks. Be sure to correct leaks, no matter what--it's way more dangerous than you think to drive even a short distance with even a small leak.

That's it! You're done. You may want to continue to check for leaks: maybe paper under the filter overnight.

As a footnote, my 2001 Expedition is terrible at pumping gas downhill when the fuel level is low. I guess the outlet for the fuel tank is at the rear of the tank. Watch out for this false alarm.

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