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I have a 89 Pontiac. If it is the same type. The fuel filter should be in a bracket hanging underneath the gas tank near the muffler area. Be very careful removing it because fuel wit come pouring out. Get bucket ready.

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Q: How do you replace the fuel filter on a 1988 Pontiac Sunbird?
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What is the firing order for a 1988 Pontiac Sunbird?

The firing order of my '87 Pontiac Sunbird is 1 3 4 2.

How do you replace the alternator on a 1988 Pontiac fiero?

How do you replace the alternator on a 1988 Pontiac Fiero

Where is the oil filter located on an 1988 Pontiac 6000?

On the oil pan there is a cap you unscrew, and inside there is a "card board filter", that you would pull out and replace.

How many 1988 Pontiac Sunbird gt turbo convertibles were built?

Wikipedia says less than 1300 verts

What vehicle will oil filter QS3980 work in?

1984-1988 pontiac fiero with the 2.5L engine or any pontiac with the 2.5L engine

What would a 1988 Pontiac Sunbird need to have three alternators installed in six years?

I had a 1988 Pontiac Sunbird GT with the 2.0L Turbocharged engine. I replaced the alternator every 26K mi. I believe this was due to the underhood temperatures caused by the turbo. I had the car for 123K mi. before I sold it. Still in great shape. Could be due to a short in the electrical system or a bad ground.

Are the springs on a 1988 Pontiac Grand Am pressed on?

no, you do not need a compression tool to remove or replace them

How do change a transmission filter on a 1988 ford F-150 5.0 automatic?

Drop the pan, replace the filter and gasket, replace the pan and add transmission fluid.

How do you change the fuel filter on a 1988 Pontiac Trans Am?

It is located on the drivers side by the back tire,near the drive shaft.

How do you replace the fuel filter for the 300 e Mercedes Benz 1988?

The fuel filter is under the car you have to remover the plastic cover under the car to get to the fuel filter.

Where is fuel filter on 1988 Pontiac Bonneville?

The fuel filter on the 1988 Pontiac Bonneville that I have is located on the drivers side, tucked just under the body of the car and in front of the rear tire well. There are three lines coming from the tank, and one of them will go to the metal cased fuel filter and connect with a metal hose fitting. It will require two wrenches to remove, one for the fitting, and one as a backup on the fuel filter. The filter is against the body of the vehicle and there is not much space to work within.

What oil do you use in a 1988 Pontiac Bonneville?

10w30 any major brand. I recommend you use an AC/Delco, Purolator, Wix, or Bosch filter.

How do you change trans filter on 1988 dodge ram van?

To Change the filter in a 1988 dodge ram van you have to drop the transmission oil pan, peel the old gasket clean the surface and then replace the old gasket the filter is inside the transmission time to replace is usually 30 to 45 minutes most oil change shops offer that service or you can do it yourself cheap.

Where is fuel pump and fuel filter located on a 1988 Pontiac Bonneville?

the pump is in the gas tank and the pump is inline between the tank and the engine, close to the tank

Where is the fuel filter located for an 1988 Pontiac Trans Am?

Back by the gas tank, just jack the car up and follow the fuel line from the tank and you will find it.

How can you disable the torque converter on your 1988 Pontiac Sunbird?

Remove the tcc wire from the trans connector. I don't remomber which one it is though. Try just removing the connector and see if it affects anything else.{like back up lights.]

Where is the oil sending unit on a 3 8 1995 Pontiac engine?

There is no such thing as a 1995 Pontiac engine. IIRC Pontiac engines were last used in Pontiac cars in 1988, and in GMC trucks in 1992. A 1995 Pontiac may have a Buick 3800 engine with the oil pressure sender screwed into the block just above the oil filter. You might have a Chevy or Oldsmobile engine..... but unless it's a V8 your oil pressure sender should be very near the oil filter.

How do you replace fuel filter on 1988 ford ranger?

The fuel filter should be an inline type. There is a clip on ache end. Pull the clips off and the filter can be removed. Be careful that fuel does not spray on you, as the fuel is under pressure.

Where is the fuel filter on a 1988 Volvo 240?

on the 1988 Vovlo 240, the fuel filter is loca

Where is the low pressure valve located for charging a 1988 Pontiac Sunbird Air Conditioner?

It's on the accumulator. Should have a blue cap on it. The accumulator (also called receiver/dryer) is the large aluminum "can" looking part. It will be on the passenger side next to the fender.

What is the firing order for a 1988 Pontiac Le Mans?

The firing order for the 1988 Pontiac Lemans is 1-3-4-2. I hope this information to be useful to you

Does a 1988 Toyota pickup with a manual transmission have a filter?

it has an oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, but no trans filter.

From what years were Pontiac fieros made?


How do you replace the fuel pump in a 1988 Plymouth Voyager?

i believe you will have to drop the tank and the PUMP-SENDING UNIT-and FILTER are an assembly in the top of the gas tank.........

Where is fuel filter located on 1988 olds cutlas cierra?

where is fuel filter located on 1988 olds cutlas ciera?