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How do you replace the fuel filter on a 1990 Jaguar S-type?


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First year of the s-type was 1999. if this an s-type, remove the left front wheel and lift the rear of the wheel arch, there will be a plastic nut and screws to remove, behind the wheel arch and find the fuel filter secured with a 10mm bolt, remove the clips and replace them when replacing the filter.

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you have to unhook the whole filter that looks like a canister then replace it using the new copper gaskets.

If you have not done so, replace the plugs, plug wires, air filter, and fuel filter. Also replace all under hood vacuum lines.

oil pan is on bottom where you'd expect it and it holds 8-1/2 quarts of oil the oil filter is mounted sideways halfway up on the driver's side. it's easier to get to from above, but hard to replace no matter how you go about it

If it is where the filter meets up to the mount there actually is a gasket there. If it past the mount you may need to replace the filter housing.

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