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The fuel filter is on the drivers side frame rail, inner side, located at the center of the drivers side door (for a 4 door). Before attempting to remove the fuel lines from the filter you must DEPRESSURIZE THE FUEL SYSTEM! First pop open the gas filler cap and release any pressure from the gas tank. Next you must release the pressure in the fuel lines and intake manifold by releasing the pressure at the Schrader valve (like the ones on your tires) located to the left of the intake manifold on the fuel rail (as you are standing at the front of the car). Stuff a rag below the valve and depress the valve. You should wear gloves and safety glasses, as gas will come out of the valve. Do not do this over a recently driven hot engine. Depress until no pressure releases from the valve. To remove the filter, you will need a special tool called a "quick release" to remove the fuel lines from the filter. Don't worry, the tool is a simple plastic ring (available at most auto parts stores $5-$15) that releases she spring clip. Ask for the fuel line "quick release" tools. Gather a drip pan and place under the filter, you will be releasing one to three ounces of gas from the lines so be prepared. Again wear safety glasses and gloves. Pop off the two safety clips from the filter ends. Snap your "quick release" disconnect ring over the filter inlet tube and push the ring into the bell-shaped fuel line end. While holding the tool slide the fuel line away from the filter. Repeat on the other fuel line. Pull out the old filter from the spring clamp, install new filter, push on fuel lines, (they should click into place, test by trying to pull the line off). Snap the safety clips back on and you're done. Go wash up, you stink.... ;)

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Q: How do you replace the fuel filter on a 1991 through 2001 Ford Explorer all models?
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