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96 thru 98 should be the about the same, on a 98 the fuel filter is located about mid van in a clip above the chassis frame on the driver's side. The filter is about the size of an oil filter. The inlet side has a plastic holding clip that must be removed by pulling down perpendicular to the line, it usually breaks, but the new filter comes with two new clips. The outlet side on the 98 requires a special tool that inserts into the "bill type connection" which is available at NAPA for about $8.00, it is labeled as an transmission oil cooling line coupler release. This tool slides along the filter line under the bill connector to release it, if you have the new filter you can check that the tool you get fits the filter line and is not larger than the raised ring on the line that the clip holds to. There is also a safety metal clip that goes over the bill clip and is attached to the fuel line by a wire so it doesn't get lost. Be sure to release the fuel line pressure before removing the filter clips. There are several ways, the easiest is remove gas cap, using hand vacuum pump apply about 25 HG to the fuel regulator on the injection manifold. Even with the fuel line pressure released, it will spill some fuel so be prepared.

AnswerUnder the car about 1/2 of the way between the engine and tank. It is in the fuel line and requires cheap special tools to r&r. AnswerBe sure to review the "Related Questions" below for much more fuel filter information.

According to the repair guide at, the filter is mounted to the frame-rail, directly under the drivers seat location.

The link below is to the repair guide page with a diagram showing the fuel line connector clips.

It is also likely you will need a 5/16ths nutdriver or socket to release the clamp which holds the filter to the frame rail.

Start with disconnecting the fuel line coming from the fuel tank to the filter. This process is simply using a small flat tip screwdriver and removing the plastic clip from the connector. Once the pin is removed the line will come off. The next step is to remove the filter from the bracket. You can use the screwdriver to pry the filter out of the bracket. Don't worry about the filter, your replacing it. The next step is the tough part. The connector at the other end of the filter requires a special tool. (Some vans have the tool attached near the fuel tank. It is a small plastic round tool.) If it's not there, you will have to get one. Any parts store should carry it. The removal tool should be placed around the end of the filter and inserted into the fitting on the fuel line. The secret is to push the fuel line and the removal tool towards each other, then attempt to pull the filter off of the line. Not a lot of fun. Once the filter is removed, attach the line you removed with the special tool to the filter until it snaps. Put the new filter into the bracket. Then put the fuel line from the fuel tank on to the other end of the filter until it snaps. The new filter should have came with the same type of plastic clip you removed from the first fuel line. Simply insert the plastic clip into the opening in the fuel line and you are done.

Answerunderneath there is one clip from the "in" of the filter...raise the white clip all the way up,the black clip should be easy to remove since it's in plastic. then the other side "out" of the fiter, you should brake the tip by moving it up and down until it brakes then there is still going to be a liitle piece (tip of the filter) inside the line just remove it with a small screw driver and your done. i did it myself today, very easy. WARNING...A LARGE AMOUNT OF GAS SHOULD POUR OUT...WATCH YOUR EYES :(


You can make a special tool out of a small orange plastic electrical wire nut cut off the head leaving only the orange taper it will be wedge shaped. then split the plastic length wise with a pair of tin snips. This slit allows you to slip it over the fuel line. Then use a round file and remove the internal plastic threads down till it's smooth. Now you have a perfect wedged shaped tool to work with... slip the smallest part of the wedge over the fuel line pointing towards the rubber fuel line metal cap.

Then place a slip joint pair of pliers right behind the cone and apply sideways pressure to force the cone into the metal hose connector and pull on the fuel filter at the same time and it will pop loose - it has maybe four spring loaded flat bent down fingers in there that has to be lifted up past the small metal ring that's crimped on to the fuel filter line in order to separate... Simple little tool that costs pennies and odds are you have one in your electrical drawer.

The wire nut has a smooth part on the outside that is about 1/4 in long that's the part you need - cut behind that and discard the part that has the metal threads that holds electrical wires together and then cut the slit length wise as described above. You'll find it works perfectly and beware of fuel pressure - there is a valve on the fuel rail on the left side motor that sticks straight up and looks like a valve stem on your tire - take off plastic cap press that down the needle with something small with a rag around it to catch the fuel spraying out to relieve the fuel line pressure and shield your eyes while your doing this...

You also can make larger size wire nut cones for larger size fuel lines for other different fuel systems...

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Q: How do you replace the fuel filter on a 1995-1998 Ford Windstar?
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