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remove rear seat by lifting straight up in front where legs would will unsnap the clips when you do this.once done look for the round plate appro.8 inches in diameter,pry this plate up with a screw driver,careful there is alot of black rubber glue holding this inplace,it can be messy if you are not careful.once removed unplug wire connection and remove fuel pump with proper tools and replace

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โˆ™ 2008-04-13 17:16:36
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Q: How do you replace the fuel pump in 1997 Toyota Camry?
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What is the fuel tank size on a 1997 Toyota Camry?

18.5 galons

Is the fuel tank on a 1997 Toyota Camry metal or plastic?

It's metal.

How much does it cost to replace a fuel pump Camry?

The cost to replace a fuel pump in a Toyota Camry will depend on the price of the fuel pump and also the mechanic. On average, it will cost an estimated $400 or more to replace the fuel pump.

Where is the carburetor on a 1997 Toyota Camry?

It's nonexistent. Try looking for the fuel injectors.

Why is your 1997 Toyota Camry losing power?

There are a few reasons why a 1997 Toyota Camry may be losing power. A few of the reasons could be a bad battery, ignition coil, or the fuel pump.

How do you change a fuel injector on a 1988 Toyota Camry?

How do you change a fuel injector on a 1988 Toyota Camry

When should you replace a fuel filter on a 1999 Toyota Camry?

Every 30k or 24 months.

How do you replace the fuel pumped on a 1994 Toyota Camry?

Unless there is an access panel above the fuel pump, you must remove the fuel tank.

Where is the location the fuel pump on Toyota Camry station wagon?

Where is the location of the fuel pump on a 1987 toyota camry wagon

What type of fuel does 2011 Toyota Camry take?

Recommended fuel for Toyota Camry is unleaded regular with up 10% of ethanol.

Does the 1999 Toyota Camry have Fuel Injection?

Yes, this generation Camry is a Fuel-injected engine.

Where is the fuel filter on a 2006 Toyota Camry?

The fuel filter in a 2006 Toyota Camry is in the fuel tank. There is an access plate under the back seat to get to the tank.

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