How do you replace the fuel pump in a 1995 Ford Explorer Sport?

easy..just unhook the fuel lines under the car with those plastic a/c fitting tools you get at the automotive store. then unhook the gas filler neck from the body then, drop the gas tank . you'll see the lines going in and out of the tank. the fuel pum is inside the tank . it helps if the tank is empty too. remove the old fuel pump and take it with you to auto-zone or napa or pep-boys or whoever,tell them you need a fuel pump for your car . match the new one to the old one before you leave the store. then take that puppy home and reverse the steps . once you get everything back together remember theres probably air in your lines so . dont fret if she dies a few times at first. theres an air purge fitting on the fuel rail under the hood. find the fuel lines and youll see it , looks like a valve stem on a tire. you can purge air from there if you want to . remove battery cable for a few seconds to reset any check engine lights then you should be good to go! good luck !