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How do you replace the fuel pump in a 99 GMC Sonoma?


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If the year is around a '92 the pump is located in the tank under the sending unit for the fuel gauge. They are not the most exciting thing to replace as i have just done one in a 92 S-10 by droping the tank

If you have a V-6 it is easier to remove the bed and access the top of the tank that way. On most V6 Sonoma and S-10's the exhaust is in the way of removing the fuel tank, you can lower the exhaust but then it will rest on the differential and you will have to lower that also. I have a good friend that is a 35 year GM Mechanic, he says ignore the books and remove the bed. There are usually just 6 bolts that hold it on, have some beer ready for your friend that will help you sit the bed out of the way.

Mine is a 98 4 cylinder, you can't buy just the pump. The whole assembly is $330.00. Look it up on autozone. Crazy.....


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what are the symptoms of a bad fuel pump on a 2002 GMC Sonoma 4.3 liters?

the fuel pump is a in tank pump, you have to drop the tank, its located inside the tank.

Mounted on top and inside the fuel tank.

No. The fuel system is computer controlled with relays.

It is inside the fuel tank and can only be accessed by removing the bed or dropping the tank. I suggest removing the bed. You should have help.

DO not do that! Damage the truck! The correct way is to lower the fuel tank out of the truck.

You must remove the fuel tank or disconnect the bed and slide it back enough to access the pump, your choice.

drain the fuel tank. drop the fuel tank. pull the pump out and replace. drain the fuel tank. drop the fuel tank. pull the pump out and replace.

You have to remove the fuel tank to gain access to the fuel pump.

It is important for a car owner to know the location of all the car parts. The fuel tank pressure sensor for a 1998 GMC Sonoma is located in the fuel pump assembly.?รฆ

the fuel pump is in the gas tank the tank must be removed to replace the pump

To change a fuel vapor sensor on a 1997 GMC Sonoma you need to disconnect the wires that are holding it in place. Next, remove the old sensor and replace with the new one.

IT IS LOCATED ON THE FUEL PUMP ASSEMBLY. It is the smaller electrical connector on top of the fuel tank

fuel pump is locatedin the fuel tank. you will have to drop the tank to replace. I recently have done this on my suburban.

Easy way, is to pull bumper and unbolt bed than slide back out of the way. Fuel tank is then very easy to work on no reason to have to drop tank.

hook up a mechanical fuel pressure guage & go for a drive

In the glove box behind the plastic cover on the left side when sitting in the seat

your fuel pump will be going out within a couple months. have recently had this happen to my truck 1999 gmc sonoma . mine did that at first then it was constantly whining and then it quit working all together.

depends on what year my 2000 gmc sierra fule pump is in the gas tank, about 180.00 just for the pump.

The fuel pump is in the fuel tank and the fuel tank will have to be removed to access it. If you do not have the skill or equipment to do this properly, I suggest taking it to a shop.

If you mean: "can the sonoma 4.3v6 run with the fuel pump for the sonoma 4.3v6 crew cab?" the answer is yes, as long as both trucks have the same engine they are the exact same pump. If the crew cab you are refering to is a full size gmc, or another make (except chevy s-10 of the same year and engine) or engine size of vehicle the answer is no, don't even try it.

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