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fuel pump relacement 101i own a '95 1500 ram van. recently, ive had to relace the fuel pump. i know from personally viewing the repair manual that youll have to,in a nutshell, "drop the fuel tank".the pump,pressure regulator,filter assembly is mounted inside the tank.only accessible by reaching the top of the tank. there are a number of safety measures like ventilate your work area (you will have heavy fumes),goggles smoking of course. aside from that, whatI did was to acquire a floor jack. a couple of twoby fours ,a deepwell 9/16 socket(after hours using an open ended wrench),and just in case, a pan/tray/"oops-wheres-all-that-fuel-coming-from"???-type device for leakage when disconnecting the filler neck etc.hopefully the pump didnt fail on a payday right after you put fifty bucks worth in her belly. basically,disconnect the battery, position your spill catcher closeby, and remove the hoseclamps by the exhaust pipe(that's how mine is.yours may differ)my van has "rollover/backflow "valves in the tank, so only a little fuel leaked on me. but she was on "e" also.disconnect it gently,if fuel starts to leak,pause to see if you can let it drain.theres another tube there also. a smaller one. a vent tube or, there are a few metal bands holding the tank up.two front to back, and one left to right. the nuts for these bands are by the rear bumper,and one on the pass. side.i loosened all of the nuts but one. removing them completely.the bands are kind of hinged on the end opposite of the, they should sway down when you take the nuts off. if you can, try to take them off.its a pain, but theyll be in the way.i bent mine to heck and back:)so you've got one nut left. this is holding all of the weight of the,heads up!!loosen the nut till its almost should see the tank dropping is a good time to drag that jack under the tank. try to center it as best as you can.the hydraulic jacks are the preferrable ones because you can gently crack the raise/lower valve and E-A-S-E her down. i should suggest perhaps a two by four going lenghthwise between the tank and will help balance it. loosen the nut when you've made the board/jack raised firmly against the tank.remove've probably trapped the remaining band with the should be okay.just barely let the jack down. then,after its down all of the way,try to pull the jack out from underit.depending on the type of supply/return system you have,there will be an electrical connector,and a few hoses to disconnect. BE CAREFUL when you disconnect the fuel line.there could be some significant pressure still built up. disconnect the lines/wires and slide the tank out from under the van. mine had to come out sideways on the pass. side after i jacked the van up for more clearance.the pump is held in by a large plastic"nut"that totally encompasses the pump assembly. i used a rubber mallet and apiece of hard plastic to loosen it.sorta catch on of the raised edges and in a chiseling type manner tap the nut/ring in a counter clockwise direction.unscrew it and the pump should lift out.ta da!!reversethe order of these steps after your wife or other happy to help person when its time to lift the tank back in. and make sure theres no kids or womenfolk around,cause if youre the cussin'type,well thers gonna be some of that goin on.good luck let us know how it turned out.JohnR.from sunny cocoa beach Florida.
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Q: How do you replace the fuel pump on a 1994 Dodge Ram van?
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