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The fuel pump is located inside the gas tank. Sooo, the gas tank has to be removed. the dealers charge about $700 +, for this procedure. The fuel pump runs over $200. Buy it and take you car to a reputable mechanic. It will take a few hours. Make sure the tank is almost empty.

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AnswerThe fuel pump is located under the vehicle on the driver side. The mechanic will charge you more than 700 dollars.... and the fuel pump for this truck runs about 280 something for the 5.3L and its like 200+ for the 5.7L (idk why the bigger engine has the cheaper fuel pump). Best thing to do is to get the vehicle up in the air. Get all the fuel out the tank. take the tank down, be careful in taking it down there are plastic lines running out of the fuel tank to the fuel lines. They break easily so be careful!! there are three lines that are plastic and will break, one is a vacuum one that goes toward the rear of the tank. and if you have a little black box next to the fuel pump that's where it leads to... so take all the lines off... the other two are on top of the tank.... they are easy to unclamp, you should be able to use your hands. but you have to have the tank down a little bit before getting to those. Once you have your tank down you will need a punch and a hammer to get the fuel pump out the tank... you have to push a plastic stopper to get the ring to move to get the pump out. Its always best to change the fuel filter when you replace the fuel pump. once you have the pump out it is best to clean out the tank with some fuel tank cleaner... you can find this at radiator shops. You will have to take some old parts off the fuel pumps and put them on the new one. and you will have to replace a wire harness, but that's included with the new fuel pump... get it all back together and put the tank back up in the reverse order of taking it off and it will be good as new....
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2012-04-18 22:20:59
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Q: How do you replace the fuel pump on a 2001 Chevy Tahoe?
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