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How do you replace the head gasket located on a Ford Escort 1.9L?


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2005-10-30 21:23:58
2005-10-30 21:23:58

u have to open the 2 rows of stardrive bolts and undo the injector pipes but u realy need to get the head skimmed annd u should realy replace the head studs and find the torck presher on them


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It all depends upon where you take it. Take the number of hours labor times the labor rate of where you take it. This is how much labor. Add to this the cost of the head gasket kit and this will give you the total cost. I had one done and it was 5 hours labor at $78 an hour and it was $230 for the head gasket kit which included new bolts and the gasket. This was on a 1997 Ford Escort. Most shops can replace the head gasket. Call and get an estimate as the price will vary according to where you take it.

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This is the escort forum not the ford taurus.

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