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1) You DON'T need to take the outside lens off (99 Durango) 2) Raise the hood and look to either side of the radiator just opposite the outside headlight lens. You will see the black wiring harness terminating on the inside rear of each headlight housing. 3) The headlight assembly consists of 3 items: a)the lamp itself, a lamp socket that the wiring goes into, and a rotating ring that locks the socket into the rear of the headlight housing. 4) Find the rotating ring: it will be fitted over the rear socket and has a couple of protrusions on its outside diameter. It only turns approx. 1/4 turn to loosen or tighten it (it is marked but hard to read). 5) Once the ring is loose, put it back onto the wiring harness. 6) Note the position of the bulb and socket: grasp it firmly and pull it straight out of the headlight housing. 7) Install the new bulb into the socket in the same orientation of the old one, taking care not to touch the glass with your bare fingers. Push the socket into the headlight housing: there is a detent on the bulb that aligns with a groove in the housing). The o-ring on the socket should fit completely into the headlight housing. 8) Position the rotating ring over the socket (by slightly rotating it you will feel the locking prongs fall into place on the headlight housing). Turn the rotating ring 1/4 turn to lock the assembly into place.

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Q: How do you replace the headlamp on a durango?
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