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How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 1987 Honda Civic?


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2008-10-14 05:54:09
2008-10-14 05:54:09

I'd like to thank the automotive genius that left this answer.

Open the hood and then take out the bulb that has burnt out. Then put the new bulb where the old one used to be.


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To replace a headlight on a 2002 Honda Civic first prop the hood open. Locate the headlight housing inside the engine compartment. Find the bulbs and remove them. Install the new bulbs.

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drop the bumper and take the headlight housing out

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The headlight on a 1985 Honda Civic is changed by lifted the hood open. Locate the housings for each headlight and find the harnesses for the bulbs. Pull out the old bulbs and replace them.

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The headlight dimmer switch is located on the end of the lever. Remove the steering column so the lever can be properly reached.

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its located under the left front headlight.

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