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I have a Honda Accord 1991. I sprayed the bulb connection with WD-40. This loosened the grit and grime. I didn't get any on old bulb. This spray didn't harm the electrical connection. Read can label for details on spary characteristics.

It is unscrewed from the backof the headlight assy. Sometimes you have to take it off the car.

I tried that and had problems. Here is why.

1. Start on the battery (passenger) side of the car even if that light bulb is okay. It will teach you how to do the other side (driver�s) where space is more limited and things are harder to see. Besides, these two headlight bulb have the same life expectancy and if you do not do both now you will be back in a week or two. Remove the battery.

2. Remove the wire plug from the bulb. There is a little detent on the outside that, when pressed, allows the plug to be pressed downward. It is usually hard to move because the socket is actually inside the bulb base and the pins are in the socket on the wire. This setup makes the pressure applied on the outside of the plug somehow less effective and more force than one would expect needs to be applied to force the plug off the bulb.

3. The bulb is held in with a round plastic locking ring. It only needs to turn about 1/4 turn counter-clockwise to expose the ears on the bulb itself. The ring does not need to come off! Just turn in the direction indicated to �open�.

4. The hard part is making the ring move. I am sure there are some grease �gorillas� out there that can just twist it off but I could not and, if you are reading this, I bet you couldn�t either. Insert the point of a cold chisel (screw driver) in one of the slots in the plastic ring such that hitting the other end with a small hammer will drive the ring in the proper direction of rotation. This is one of those times when a nice sharp rap on the end of a cold chisel (screw driver) is the only thing that seems to work. Caution, you can break the ring but if you use a small hammer things should be fine. Generally, it will move surprisingly easy this way but will not budge by hand.

5. Once the ring moves it needs to be positioned so that the ears of the bulb can exit the socket. With a good light and good eyes you can see when they are clear. The bulb pulls straight out.

6. I connected the wire to the new bulb before I put it in the headlight assembly. I think it makes it easier to hang on to. You decide but, remember Do Not Touch The Bulb Glass! It heats to very high temperatures and any grease or dirt on the bulb will cause early or even instant burn out.

7. Push the bulb in to the back of the headlight assembly so that the ring can clear it as it turns clockwise to lock. You may need to lean on the ears a bit with the point of a screw driver to get them to set. I did not have to hit the ring to make it lock, however, I did lever the screw driver against it and frame pieces to make it turn. The protrusion on the ring should stop in the at 6 o�clock position.

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Q: How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 1991 Honda Accord?
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