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Pull the bulb out of the headlight from behind. Open the hood and look in back of the headlamps, there are wires coming out. Pull the socket by twisting it out, the bulb it attached. You can also go to a auto supply place like Autozone, and they will show you for nothing.

No the thing is sealed. You have to replace the whole headlamp. I could only get the top screw out but there are 2 bottom screws and I cannot figure how to get them out either.

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my headlight. The first answer is correct, you do just remove the bulb fixture from the back of the headlamp. It is sealed, but the bulb fixture has a rubber O-ring to make the seal. Mine is a 1996, but I'm sure it's the same. I hope this answerer didn't work too hard getting those bottom two screws out...

I actually looked it up in the owners' manual, and it said how to do it, although of course they made it sound simple, just "disconnect the wire, twist out the retaining clip, pull out the bulb fixture, stick the new one in..." Well first, to disconnect the wire, if you look closely there's a little plastic clip thing on the top of the bulb fixture, in the gap in the retaining clip. I twisted out the retaining clip first, though, because I couldn't tell how to disconnect the wires when it was in place.

Anyway, to put it back in, there's only one way it can go. If you look closely at the retaining clip, it has "top" written on one side. And the bulb fixture can go in only one way: the flat side with the clip must be facing upwards, or nearly so. I found the easiest way to do it was to stick the bulb in first, get it seated. You'll notice there are three little nibs on it, and they're not symmetric, so there's only one way it can go. (Remember not to touch the bulb with you fingers, the oil will reduce the life of the bulb. The owners' manual said to wipe it with rubbing alcohol if you do; I just wiped it on my shirt.) Then put the retaining clip over it, and twist it in. Then reconnect the wire.

Of course they give you about 1/2 inch to work in. I had to unscrew the big fuse box (two 10-mm bolts) and prop it up to make a little room to work in. (Mine was on the left side.)

Have fun!

1997 Dodge Caravan SportJust replaced the bulb. Passanger side headlamp bulb burnt out. I saw the expensive, sealed units and hoped there was a cheap answer. There is: replace the bulb itself, not the whole unit. This is shown and described in the plain old user manual. You first remove the wiring connected to the bulb. There is a clip mechanism that holds the connector to the bulb. I just used a small screwdriver to gently lift up the clip, then gently pull the wire and connector off the back of the bulb. Then there is a fairly parge plastic part they call a retainer that helps hold the bulb onto the back of the unit. Its not a small clip. Its a large plastic part with cut outs on the top and bottom - maybe 2.5 in. in diameter, 2.5 in. deep. Its pretty much in the way of taking out the bulb, so you'll know it when you see it. Unscrew it - counter clockwise about a quarter turn and it comes off. You then just pull out the bulb. It has a rubber gasket, so you have to apply a bit of force to pull it out. Note that the bulb back has a place for the connector clip to attach to just on one side - when you put the bulb back in, make sure its on top. A trick is to firmly seat the new bulb into the back of the headlamp housing. It shouldn't be loose, or hard to keep in place while you put the retainer ring back on. Then put the retaining ring back in place - screws back again abut a quarter turn - probably the most awkward part of the repair. The wire and connector clips back in place easily. Someone mentioned just going to the parts store and they can show you how to do it - probably true. At Checker auto parts, I just asked for a bulb, the guy looked it up in a book near the bulbs, and handed me the standard Sylnavia OEM replacement bulb. Looks just like the original. It is true that the driver side bulb is in a tighter place to work because of the fuse box. See answer before this one - I think that person removed the fuse box to make more room.
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Q: How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 1995 Dodge Caravan?
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