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They screw in from the rear. If you can't get to it you may have to take the light assy off.

The long way is the best way: You will need a medium Phillips screwdriver at minimum. A battery screwdriver/drill makes it faster. Needle nose pliers might help to resolve problems. There is no need to open the hood. Procedure:

1. From the orange side lamp take out the two screws hold it in, pull lamp away from frame. 2. Remove frame by taking out four screws, 1/near the grill in front, 2,3/ from the opening made by removing the side lamp, 4/the last from the bottom of the frame near the bumper. 3. Pull frame away exposing headlight. Remove four screws holding the bezel (thin metal frame around the headlight). 4. DO NOT turn the two adjustment screws, one on top in the middle between the two bezel screws, or the one the outer side. 5. The headlight then can be pulled away and disconnected. Connect new headlight. You may need to bend one or two of the three prongs to make it fit. Fit bezel to headlight, secure with four screws. Secure frame with three screws. Secure orange side lamp with two screws.

Problems: Screws may be rusted in place or break. Screws are easy to lose, put them in a container or other good place.


With a Phillips screwdriver undo only the two bottom screws on the bezel and carefully remove and secure them. Bend bezel upwards and away enough to remove headlight. Replace headlight. TRICKY part: You will definitely lose the two bezel screws UNLESS you stuff a paper towel or similar in the space below the holes to catch the screws if you miss getting it in. It would be best at this point to wait until you can do the full procedure at another time.

Otherwise, good luck!

I found this answer in a is an exellent answer and I followed it to a good conclusion. Thanks.

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Q: How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 1996 Jeep Cherokee?
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