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How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 1996 Plymouth Breeze?


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2011-09-12 20:58:39
2011-09-12 20:58:39
Plymouth Breeze Headlight Bulb ChangeThe task is rather simple but can still be a pain. There is a trim ring that locks the headlight bulb assembly into the housing. You carefully need to twist this ring while gently pulling at the same time. When things line up properly the ring will come off permitting you to remove the bulb and associated harness. Remove th eold bulb from the harness by again twisting. Once removed, fit the new build into the harness; be carefull and wear clean gloves or use a clean cloth to handle the new halogen bulb. Oil from your fingers could cause premature failure of the bulb. Good Luck.

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Located in the fuel tank -probably have to remove for access

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you have to replace the t.p.s (throttle positioning sensor ) that's how i fixed the idle on my Plymouth breeze

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You have to replace the fuse for it You have to replace the fuse for it

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Honestly, just look in your User's Manual, if you can't find it: all you need to do is take out 2 really long screws that screw into the top of the headlight, and then slide the headlight forward onto the bumper, and the headlight pulls out from the back. This is one of the most insanely dumb engineered vehicles that I've seen. You have to take the wheel off to replace the battery?!?

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