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There are two sockets for a 2000 Celica. The top halogen bulb is for the low beam. The bottom halogen bulb is for the high beam. This vehicle uses both bulbs lit together to generate the "high" beams.

Warning... Touching a bulb with your hand drastically shortens the life of the bulb. Halogen bulbs get extremely hot. They can generate second and third degree burns very quickly. Be extremely careful to avoid touching the bulb by accident.

I will walk you through the low beam replacement on the DRIVERS side.

1; Disconnect the electrical plug on the rear of the bulb. Simply pull the wire harness plug straight back.

2; Remove the round rubber protector that surrounds the bulb in its housing.

3; Securing the bulb assembly in its housing is a stainless steel spring clip. To release the clip you must press the end towards the front portion of the vehicle, and then push it up. The clip is captive in place by a Phillip's screw. Once the clip is released the specially designed base along with the bulb will easily be removed.

4; Pull the burned out bulb off of it's base and discard it.

5; Remove the new bulb from it's packaging with either a clean glove or a paper towel. Install it into the special base. Human body oils must not be left on the bulb.

6; Reinstall the base and bulb assembly back into the head light housing. It will only fit correctly one way. Rotate the bulb and base unit until it seats in place. The metal prongs for the wire harness should be side by side NOT one over the other.

7; Re install the stainless steel spring clip. This is a bit difficult do to the fact you have limited space to work. It is the opposite of the removal process. Push the clip forward and then down into it's notch.

8; Re install the rubber boot. It has one tab which is labeled "Top".

9; Re install the wire harness on the metal tabs and test your work.

The PASSENGER side head light assembly is underneath a plastic cover. The cover must be removed before you can service the head light bulbs.

The cover is held in place by plastic rivets. To remove the rivets you must gently push the center swedge pin through each rivet. Caution must be taken to capture the swedge pin of each rivet. After pushing the swedge pin through the rivet can be removed. These rivets must be saved for re installation.

To re install simply replace the plastic cover, line up the cover with the holes. Place the rivet in the hole and then install the center swedging pin.

The High beam bulb is not held in place with a spring clip. It does not have a protective rubber boot either. To remove either the drivers side or the passengers side high beam bulb simply grab the wire harness and twist it counter clockwise. The bulb assembly will remain attached to its wire harness. Remove the burned out bulb. Install the new bulb. Insert bulb assembly into the headlight housing. It will only line up one way. Gently twist the assembly until you feel it settle into place. Then continue to turn it clockwise until you feel it lock in place. Test your work.

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Q: How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 2000 Toyota Celica GTS?
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