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How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 2001 Chevy S-10?


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2007-06-01 02:22:59
2007-06-01 02:22:59

Open the hood of the truck and just inside the front frame rail behind the lights there will be 2 clips kind of sticking up. Just pull them up and out. The composite head light fixture can now be pulled out through the front. You must lift slightly, at least on the units with embedded fog lamps since there are 2 vertical tabs in addition to the stubs which you released when you removed the clips. You will have to press the safety catch and turn the lamp base to get to the lamp. DO NOT TOUCH THE LIGHT BULB OR LAMP WITH YOUR BARE HANDS! THE OIL FROM YOUR SKIN CAN CAUSE THE HALOGEN LAMP TO EXPLODE! THE REASON FOR THIS IS THAT THESE LAMPS GENERATE A LOT OF HEAT so use clean gloves or a clean rag to change the actual lamp then re insert the lamp base into the composite housing. Push the whole fixture back into its bay and replace the retaining clips. Getting them back in is a little more tricky than getting them out but make sure that you get both retaining clips back in right or your head lights will not be pointing in the correct direction and could also come loose. good luck


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how do you replace headlight bulb in a 2001 celica gts

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If you remove the headlight assembly you will have access to the turn signal bulb.

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the complete headlight assembly has to come out to replace the bulbs, there are plastic pull pins that look like large horseshoes that have to be pulled for the assembly to come out.

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Remove the headlight assembly and you will have access to the parking light bulb.

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