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How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 2002 Dodge Dakota?


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You can do 2 things. Try and get your hand in behind and twist the lock ring counter clockwise (which I found to be almost impossible because of the angle etc.) or remove the headlight assembly (3 bolts - 10mm socket).

Removing the headlight assembly is actually fairly simple and if I was changing the passenger side, the easiest. A long ratchet extension makes this even easier. If your ratchet cannot access the outside bolt because there is no clearance between the lens and bumper, try sliding the ratchet in from the side of the lite. The headlight assembly has a couple plastic pieces that hold it in position once the bolts are removed. Be careful as you pry it out. They shouldn't break. Once they come free, it is easy to access the headlight lockring from the side and remove. Although this was a frustrating 2+ hour job, now that I know how it is done it should only take about 15-20 minutes.

Be careful during reassembly, the block heater cord will want to fall behind the headlight, make sure it is clear before replacing the bolts. (A magnetic socket may also help, especially with the outside bolt). Good luck. > Notes from my run-in with a 2001 Dakota: You'll need a t-10 torx skinny screwdriver, and a 10mm socket wrench/driver. Find the little torx screw near the bottom side of the headlight nearest the wheel and remove it. Tug and wiggle on the turn signal unit and it'll come loose. You'll find three 10mm bolts that hold the headlight unit in. More tug and wiggle and the unit falls free. After bulb replacement (don't touch the glass or finger oils can cause it break under high heat) replace the headlight unit. You'll see little plastic guides that the signal unit slides into- replace the unit and the tiny screw that holds it all in place. Replace the other bulb too, the second one takes a tenth of the time :)


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