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How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 2005 Suzuki Forenza?


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The whole headlight assembly needs to come out. It is not difficult. First of all you need to remove the two bolts holding the headlight assembly to the body frame. They are easy to see.Then there is one other little bolt not so easy to see, that needs to be loosened. If you are standing in front of the drivers side lamp it will be inside to the left. Passenger side, inside to the right. It has a long bolt holding the lamp assembly to the body and sometimes you can loosen it by hand but if it is too tight you will need to use a socket but remember it has a very long bolt that you need to consider. If you cant see it use a flashlight.You may need to remove the battery for easyer reach. This bolt has to come loose for you to be able to take out the entire lamp assembly. You cannot change the bulb with the assembly still on the body.Once these three bolts are loose, go ahead and

Remove the headlamp cover found at the rear of the headlight assembly. There is a separate cover for each headlight bulb. It is a large cover about 2 1/2" diameter and unlocks by rotating it counterclockwise. Inside the assembly is the bulb connector, pull it out and see a retaining wire clip. It will unlatch easily using your fingers and hinge out of the way. The H7 bulb will now be free and can be removed from the assembly. Take notice of the orientation of the notch at the base of the H7 bulb and install the H7 replacement in the same orientation. Be sure to check the headlight aim to be sure it is correct!

Replace the connector and headlight assembly the same way it came out.

Note: there is a very nice You Tube instructional for this exact process called

Forenza Headlamp Installation

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