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How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a Dodge Grand Caravan?


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2015-07-15 21:32:54
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On Grand Caravan 2000: 1) open the hood 2) on Top of the headlights there are about 3 screws that needs to be remove 3) After this the hole front piece where the head light and the directional light are will come out and give you access to the headlights to be changed.

Well on my 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan I just replaced the driver side head light by 1. opening the hood. 2. Twisting the shroud around the plug behind the lamp. 3. The shroud pull out along with the plug. 4. Unplugged the old light 5. Plug in the new light. 6. Stick the shroud and plug back in there and give it a twist. No tools needed. Took about 5 minutes. Now that I know how I could do it in 1.


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I need to replace the bulb on the driver side of my 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan. After searching this forum I found a similar question regarding the 2000 Caravan. It talked about under the hood removing three screws and pulling out the headlight assembly. I tried this and it worked on the 2003. 1) open the hood. 2) Carefully remove the three screws holding the headlight assembly in place. In my case the screws were black. Be careful as they are screwed into plastic. 3) Carefully slide the headlight assembly out. At this point you can replace the headlight bulb, turn signal bulb, or the entire headlight assembly. To replace the headlight bulb turn the collar holding the bulb in counter clockwise. Pull the bulb out of the headlight assembly. Replace the bulb. Insert the bulb into the headlight assembly insert the collar and turn clockwise until it locks. 4) Carefully insert the headlight assembly back into place. 5) Replace the three screws removed in step 2 being carefull not to over tighten.

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