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if it is the sealed beem type then you have to remove the plastic shield from the front then you can just unbolt it if it is the composite type then you just unplug it from the back

Very easy to do. Pop the hood, look at back of headlight assembly. Push in and twist set cap at back of headlight to loosen. Unplug wire - there is a push down plastic nub on the connector that must be depressed as you remove the connector. Remove old halogen bulb. Install new halogen bulb. DON'T tough the glass or it makes the new bulbs burn out faster. Hold it by the plastic. Connect the wire and push until plastic nub clics in place. Re scew the set cap. You're done. Cost of bulb around $5.00 each.

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Q: How do you replace the headlight bulb on a 1993 Toyota Tercel?
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