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How do you replace the headlight bulb on a 2003 Hyundai Sonata?


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2009-05-06 22:56:47
2009-05-06 22:56:47

I'm not quite certain what your problem would be when changing the bulb for the headlamp. It's fairly simple and requires no tools. There is a little door behind the headlight housing that has a ridged thumb tab release at the top. You simply press down gently and the little door will come off. It is held in at the bottom with two plastic guide pins that are attached to the little door and come right out. Then there is a pressure release spring that holds each of the bulbs in place. Squeeze the spring to release it from the attachment clips and the bulb will pop out of the housing. It takes a bit of wriggling to move the pressure spring but the bulb will come free. Remove the old bulb, put in the new one and replace it into the housing. Make sure the little guide tab on the bulb is facing up and fits into the plastic guides on the headlamp housing. Then reset the pressure spring to hold the bulb in place and replace the little door and you are done. The whole job takes 5 minutes to do. When you have done it once you will kick yourself as to how easy it is. Low Beam Headlamp is Halogen H7 12V 55W


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