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I did the headlights in my 1989 Ram van 350 about a year ago. My memory is a tad faded, but I recall removing the small grill piece that surrounds the light assembly. It seemed to have quite a number of screws in it for what it is. Then the whole front of the light was visible, and I was able to remove the screws from the chrome frame around the sealed headlamp unit. The headlight just pops out at that point. Just be sure that the screws you remove are actually the ones that attach the frame to the headlamp mounting assembly, not the ones that shoot past the frame and allow one to re-aim the headlight. It's all pretty straightforward. I try to do the lights as a pair, so I won't be in there doing the other one before too long. (Then I keep the one that still works, in case I'm broke when one of the new ones burns out.) Don't be dazzled by all the blue light units at the store. Good old long-life halogen lamps are a great value, in my opinion.

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Q: How do you replace the headlight in a 1989 Dodge Ram van?
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