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The headlight assembly on newer cars is two pieces. It consists of a bezel and light bulb. The bezel is the part of the headlight that you see from outside the car. Unless this part is broken, it can't burn out because it only holds the bulb; you will be replacing the bulb only. This is done from inside the hood of the car at the back of the headlight assembly. Open the hood and stand beside the fender near the front tire. Look at the headlight. You should see a retainer ring that unscrews to allow the bulb to be removed from the back of the assembly. Disconnect the wires by unplugging them. When you take the new bulb out of the box try to avoid touching the glass of the bulb because the oil from your hand will cause the new bulb to burn out faster. Insert the bulb into the back of the headlight assembly there should be a notch to insure that the light bulb is positioned correctly so be sure the bulb is seated in that notch. Now, reinstall the retainer ring. Plug the wires back into the headlight. Congratulations, you just changed your headlight but remember to test the new bulb to be sure it works before driving the car.

To replace the bezel you need to remove the front bumper: 1st remove the wheel well liners on both sides, then 2 bolts on each side inside front wheel well and on top 2 bolts and 1 plastic screw. Then the headlights have 2 studs on bottom and 2 bolts on top. Be prepared to super penetrating oil everything and remove bolts and nuts slow with left and right action or you'll be drilling and tapping broken studs/bolts. Also plastic gets fragile so if you're saving headlight assemblies be careful with tabs.

The headlight covers on a 97 Ford Escort LX get dirty over time very easily. There is not a tight enough seal and condinsation collects. When the moisture dries a film is created on the inside cover. Is there a way other than replacing the whole headlight unit to get rid of the film. If headlight replacement is the most time and cost efficient then how do you replace the headlight unit itself?

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Q: How do you replace the headlights on a 1997 Ford Escort LX?
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