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You have to remove the center cluster (with the cigarette lighter, ashtray, and flip-pocket) by way of two screws on each side of the unit, then pulling the unit slightly angled outward toward the shifter. Once this is removed you also must remove the stereo (and the anchoring frame if you purchased an aftermarket).

There are two screws (of the same Phillips-type that is used for almost all the interior plastic including the center cluster you had to remove to get here) that are rather tough to get to anchoring the bottom corners of the climate control plastic to the face of the dash. There is another screw (same type, pointing the opposite direction) that anchors the assembly in the middle/back to the rest of the dash. These 3 screws are all that anchor the climate controls. Don't make the mistake of unscrewing needless screws like the small bronze ones that hold the climate control assembly together.

After these three screws are removed it is necessary to remove two of the plastic wiring bundle connectors from the back of the unit as well as the heater cable from down under the glove box on the left-hand side (no need to remove any panels or disconnect power - very easy for this part). For the heater cable, just slip the loop at the end of the cable off the rod and pop the cable out of the U-clip - it's very easy.

---If upon re-attaching the heater cable you find you can't move the hot/cold slider all the way one direction or the other, go back under the glove compartment and leave the metal loop on the rod but detach the cable from the U-clip. Now slide the hot/cold adjustment all the way to one side and reconnect the cable to the U-clip.---

The middle wiring bundle clip is the most difficult. If you get a standard screwdriver in there to push the clip in, then pry back (towards the front of the car - away from where it is plugged in) to pop it out, it can make it a lot easier to remove. Plugging it back in is another story (lack of slack and room to plug in was my issue).

Also if you're taking this unit out to replace the lights, you may need to disassemble the climate controls assembly a little as the sockets that hold the bulbs tend to pop inside the assembly when you push a new bulb in - at least they did on mine.

This operation sucks!! i gave up on it. I found that you must remove the gauge cluster trim, the radio, there are a series of screws along the inside of the bezel which you need a tiny rubber iron grip hand to get to... that's what i found.

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Q: How do you replace the heater-radio bezel in a 95 Civic?
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