How do you replace the heater core in a 1977 Ford F150?

Disconnect battery cables remove entire dash assembly. (be sure to use a camera or other means to track the removal steps.) The basic order of removal is:

1. Glove box (spring loaded, bend all the way down and remove three bolts)

2. Pop 2 covers of near defrost vents by windshield

3. Remove bolts

4. Un-snap radio/ac cover and the molding that goes directly over steering column. Also unsnap fuse box cover and the oval piece on top of the center part of dash.

5. Un screw suicide handles and molding that runs up the windshield behind them

6. Remove all remaining bolts to free dash.

7. Remove radio/ hvac assembly **(note wire positions!!)

8. Remove dash

9. Remove speedometer/odometer cluster **(auto trans gear indicator (park, reverse,etc..) Unsnaps and remains in place)

10.remove air bag

11.remove dash support frame (there will be lots of wire harness and mounts you most note in order to reassemble dash)

12.unbolt heater core box

13.**under hood, directly to the right of main fuse box, on firewall** remove heater core hoses by unsnapping 'quick connect brackets'. *note: the 'quick connect brackets' are a pain to get off. During reassembly, buy new ones, coat with wd40 and snap on to new heater core. Wd40 will save you an hour during the reassemble.

14. remove vent dirctly above heater core box

15. carefully remove h.c. Box

16. remove air blend door and heator core behind it *(be carefull not to damage insulation on firewall or

17. the install is reverse of the removal

I got an average quote of $900.00 from mechanics in my area. This job is a pain, it took me eight hours to complete. Be sure to keep your bolts organized as you remove them, have a friend help you, be prepared to spend $100 on parts, good luck.