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How do you replace the heater core in a 87 Honda Prelude?


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I'm pretty sure you would have to remove the dash unless it's accessible below the passenger side of the dash. Root around there for anything. If it's leaking in the cabin you can locate it easily....

I replaced the heater core on my 1987 Honda Prelude Si last year. The air conditioning evaporator box will not allow you to get to the heater core without removing the entire dashboard. First you have to remove the instrument panel, and then remove the rest of the dashboard to get to the heater core. I bought a 87 Prelude shop manual on eBay and that really helped in showing me where all the bolts and screws are located that hold the dashboard. I had 1 screw left over...but the car and heater core work great!


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Search for part number 398291. Or check out this site: http://autoparts.thecarconnection.com/auto-part/176813-honda-prelude-aftermarket-rr398291-heater-core Good luck!

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you should only have to take loose the heater hoses where they go into the firewall and of course the heater core itself

To replace the heater core on the 83-87 Prelude with A/C The center console and the upper dash will be removed, This is not a job for the novice.If you have a Prelude without A/C the heater core can be removed simply by removeing the heater control valve which is under the hood behind the engine against the firewall, Then under the dash you will find the hose connections to the heater core entering thru the firewall, remove the clamps from the hoses, remove the t-bracket retaining screw and bracket that hold the heater core tubes to the control box, remove the screws that retain the heater core hose cover then slide the heater core from the control box and reinstall in reverse order.You can view a picture of the unit at [url]http://www.slhondaparts.com/browse.asp?Model=PRELUDE&Year=1985&TrimLevel=2DR+DX&TransLevel=5MTKL&Section=E&Category=B++1702%7CHEATER+UNIT&Doors=2&Emissions=KL&PartCatalogId=13SB00&ViewParts=true [/url] this link is for an 85 but they are basically the same.

The heater matrix, in a Peugeot 206, can be replaced by removing the heater core and the hoses. With the heater core removed you can replace it with a new heater core.

The price of the heater core is around $50. The labor costs to replace it can be as high as $300. This is a very labor intensive job.

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Replace it.Replace it.

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