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How do you replace the heater core on a 1995 through 2001 Ford Explorer all models?


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2015-07-15 21:35:58
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the instrument panel needs to be removed in order to access the cover which is on top of the plenum box of the vehicle. The four bolts on the engine side of the fire wall hold the plenum box onto the car, but there is not enoigh room to pull the box back for the removal of the cover. The time estimated to replace the heater core if approximately slightly over seven hours. GCB

The heater core can only be removed after the dash board is removed from the vehicle. To remove the dash board the steering colunm needs to be dropped down or better yet also removed from the car. In addition to these two items being removed, the evaporator box in the engine compartment may need to be removed to provide access to the plenum box mounting nuts. Once the plenum is exposed, the box needs to be pulled back toward the rear of the vehicle and the core is removed through the top. It may seem like a tremendous undertaking, but it's the proper way to do it. Cutting holes in the plenum box or attempting to seal the core with these "magic" additives you pour into your radiator will only create more and larger problems for you in the future. The only short cut I can recommend, is instead of draining your radiator, pull one of the hoses off the core stubs and turn it back to the other stub while you're performing the repair. This will save you some time by not having to refill the entire system and bleed the air from the engine block. The Ford repair manual states 7.1 hours for the complete job. A good mechanic who stays at the repair can do the entire jobs in about three hours. TAKE YOUR TIME AND DON'T FORCE ANY COMPONENTS OR ATTEMPT TO BEND OR PRY THEM OUT OF YOUR WAY. Good Luck !!!!!!!


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