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That will depend on the year of the vehicle. It will be impossible to answer this question without knowing what year we are working on.

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Q: How do you replace the heater core on an E 150?
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How do you remove heater core 1996 ford E 150 ford van?


How difficult is it to replace the heater core for a 1994 E-150 Ford van?

If you don't have the correct tools and the patience it will be a very difficult job and book time pays 3.5 hours to replace it......

Where is the heater core located in a 1994 FORD E-150 ECONOLINE?

Behind the dashboard, usually on the passenger side. Look in the engine compartment for the hoses that go from the engine through the firewall. Those are generally the heater hoses, which go to the heater core.

Heater core replacement for a 1990 ford e-350?

Remove the water supply lines from your 1990 Ford E3 50 heater core. Remove the heater core retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install your new heater core.

Where is the inertia switch located on a 1990 Ford Econoline E-150 Van?

It is located on the pass/side next to blend door/heater core

No heat comes out of your 1997 e-150 ford van but your blower motor is working and your gages show you should have heat?

Sounds like the heater core is plugged. Have a competent garage flush the radiator and heater core, then refill with fresh coolant. Should cure the problem.

Do you have to take the radiator out to replace the alternator on 1992 Ford E-150?

No you do not.

How do you replace fuel filler neck on 4.2L Ford E-150 van.?

How do replace fuel filler hose on a 96 ford e-150 v8 van

How do you get to the heater core on a 2002 dodge ram 1500 pick up?

In order to get to the heater core you will have to remove the dash. If your Dodge is like mine and I am assuming that you are wanting to replace your heater core because it is bad then it will take a lot to get this job done. First you need to drain your system of coolant, remove your negative battery cable. The dash has different kind of fasteners. It is held in place with screws and clips. According to the Chilton manual it requires the ac system to be discharged and the accumulator to be removed when replacing the heater core. I'm checking it out to see if I really will have to do this. If you are still in need of help you can e-mail me to see where I am at on the replacement of my heater core.

How to replace Brake lines 1996 ford econoline e 150?

how to change brake lines on a 1996 ford econoline e-150

How do you replace the heater core in a 1986 Honda Prelude?

To replace the heater core on the 83-87 Prelude with A/C The center console and the upper dash will be removed, This is not a job for the novice.If you have a Prelude without A/C the heater core can be removed simply by removeing the heater control valve which is under the hood behind the engine against the firewall, Then under the dash you will find the hose connections to the heater core entering thru the firewall, remove the clamps from the hoses, remove the t-bracket retaining screw and bracket that hold the heater core tubes to the control box, remove the screws that retain the heater core hose cover then slide the heater core from the control box and reinstall in reverse order.You can view a picture of the unit at [url] [/url] this link is for an 85 but they are basically the same.

Would an air bubble block the hot water to the heater core in a 1995 4-runner 3VZ-E?

An air bubble will stop the coolant from flowing and keep water from the heater core. The engine could also overheat, depending on where the bubble is.

Your 98 E-150s heater coil was replaced last year and now your heat doesn't work the blower works but only blow cold air It also has a rear heater where do you start?

Check coolant level Check to make sure heater core is not air bound Replace thermostat Check the operation of the heater control valve/cable

How do you change the heater coil in a car?

If you are talking about a heater core it is usally behind the glove compartment or in that general area. You need to disconect the heater hoses from the engine compartment and pull out the core. Every model is slightly different in the way you reach the heater core. You need to get a repair manual at any auto parts store. They only cost about $15 or try e-bay for a better price.

If I bypass the heater core will the rear heater still work in a 1999 ford expedition?

Well … These are the two answers I got from other websites. Regarding; if I bypass the heater core will the rear heater still work 1. It depends if they have the optional rear heat/air. If so they have 2. 2. My 94 E-150 5.8L with optional rear seat Heat & A/C had a separate unit under the chassis - just about where the 2nd row started. I figure I would share them. Happy New Years… Al

Why is there no heat in my 96 ford e-15van even after changing thermostat?

have the heater core checked out. it may have gone bad or there may be something clogging it Check your heater core, it could be bad, then check thermo sensors.

How do you replace 1999 E-150 spindle?

Where do you find one to replace .... LOL ...if you got one I'll buy it

How do you remove the heater fan switch on a 1999 ford econoline?

Need to know how to remove heater fan on 1999 ford e 150 van with small v6 engine

Why is there no heat coming out the vents on your 2003 Mercedes Benz E-320?

If there is no heat coming out of the vents, but there is air coming out on a 2003 Mercedes Benz E-320, check the thermostat to make sure it is not sticking. If this is okay, check the heater core. If the heater core is bad, there will be water on the passenger side floorboard.

How do you replace the oil pan on the 1988 Ford E-150?

Remove motor mounts and raise motor approximately 4 inches.

Where is the ecm on 1988 e 150 van?

Inside the cab on the passenger side there is a black plastic cover that protects your heater core. Its where mose people would expect to find the glove compartment almost. Underneath it is the ecm. Is also covered with a piece of plastic.

How do you get the air out of the aux heater in a 1993 e150 5.8 ford club wagon?

how do you get the air out of the aux heater lines on a 1993 E-150 ford club wagon with 5.8 engine?

98 e-250 no hot air from heater?

Change the thermostat. If that doesn't do it, something is blocking the flow through the heater core located in your dash or firewall. Same goes if it has rear heat, probably heater core. My wife once accidentally turned on the ac during the winter, so check your settings on the heater control where you turn on the heat or turn up the fan.

How do you replace a 1995 E-150 heater core?

The heater core is located under the dash on the passenger side. Start by removing the plastic panel covers that are actually the ducts for moving the heated air to the vents. It's a good idea to take pictures as you go and put all the screws in a single place. I found three different types of screws that were not OEM. There were 3-4 screws or nuts on each panel. After you have removed the panels, you will be staring at the heater core. I filled the radiator with water and started the engine to verify the leak and check all the other hoses. Don't leave it running long. With the engine cool, drain the radiator. Bend the old heater core slowly toward you and cut the tubing. Some people use a tube cutter, I just used a reciprocating saw with a metal- cutting blade. From the engine side, pull the hoses out and separate the old pieces of tubing from the quick disconnects. With the old heater core removed, I check the operation of the heat shut- off damper door. This must fully close in order to get maximum cooling in the summer. Next, have someone hold the new heater core in place while you install the hoses with the quick disconnects. This may be one of the easiest heater core replacements. I found the most difficult part to be getting my hands near the quick disconnects.

If two heaters of 100W and 110 volt other are 150W and 110 volt connect in series with 220v ac source then what is the total power?

they will accont in parallel 100//150=60 watts <<>> The individual amperage of the 100 watt heater will be A = W/V = 100/110 = .9 amps. Resistance of heater is R = E/I = 110/.9 = 122 ohms. The individual amperage of the 150 watt heater will be A = W/V = 150/110 = 1.36 amps. Resistance of heater is R = E/I = 110/1.36 = 80.8 ohms. Resistances in series circuits are additive. R1 +R2 = 122 + 80.8 = 202.8 ohms. W = E sqd/R = 220 x 220 = 48400/202.8 = 238 watts. The 100 watt heater will operate hotter than its nameplate rating and the 150 watt heater will run cooler that its nameplate rating.