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Blower is a dual squirrel cage unit located under the wiper arm assembly. You will need to remove this and the engine bay fire wall center section to gain access.

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Q: How do you replace the heater fan blower on a 1986 Mercedes 190e?
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How do you replace the caburetor in a 1992 190e Mercedes-benz?

A Mercedes 190e doesn't have a carburetor. They are fuel injected.

How do you replace the Throttle cable in a Mercedes 190e?

To replace the Throttle cable in a Mercedes 190e, you have to turn off the engine. By using a tool box open the location and remove it to replace it with a new one.

How do you remove the blower motor on a 1991 Mercedes 190e?

Open the bonnet, remove the scuttle cover, wiper motor, and finally blower motor.

Are merc 190e guilty of heater matrix blocking up?

Mercedes is a good company and the answer to you're queston is NO.

Mercedes 190e 1985 window switch dead?

my 1993 190E 2.3 is doing the same thing. just replace the switches...they tend to not last

Where is the oil filter on a Mercedes Benz 1986 190E?

oil filter on a Mercedes 190E 1986 is in the back of engine

How do you bypass the heater core of a 1992 Mercedes 190e?

Disconnect the send and return lines from the heater core and use a hose coupling and hose clamps to connect these two lines together

Are the headlights of a 1991 Mercedes 190E match with a 1995 Mercedes 220?

No they will not.

How much does a Mercedes-Benz 190e weigh?

A Mercedes-Benz 190e has a curb weight of approximately 3000 pounds. This varies by the year and configuration of the vehicle.

Where is the 1993 Mercedes 190e cabin filter?

There is no filter:)

How do you replace the radiator bypass hose in a 1989 Mercedes 190E?

You can order the part at installation is easy. Just remove the clamps remove the hose replace the clamps with the new hose.

What are common fuel pump problems Mercedes 1986 190E?

Why does my fuel pump keep running on my 1984 190E

Who give the signal in the fifth injector to start 1992 Mercedes Benz 190e 2.3?

who give the signal in the 5th injector to start 1992 Mercedes Benz 190e 2.3

Location blower motor resistor Mercedes 190e?

To locate the blower control resistor, windshield wiper then plastic panels under windshield wiper must be removed. Then remove wiper motor and linkage assembly. In the center of the car under the wiper linkage the plastice heater motor cover must be removed. Remove heater motor. The resistor/controller mounts directly below the heater motor. Resistor unit and wire harness must be removed as an assembly. Install new resistor and work back through directions. Due to the amount of labor involved it is recommended to check the blower motor at the same time.

Where is the fuel pump relay on a 92 Mercedes 190e?

Its right above the battery. If you need to replace it. EBay sells them cheap. You can check check there and match the same code with the one your trying to replace

What is the length of a 1987 Mercedes-benz 190E?


What is the lug pattern on a 1985 Mercedes Benz 190E?


Does a 1988 Mercedes 190e have 2 oil filters?

No they dont.

In what year was the Mercedes 190e first produced?

The Mercedes 190 series of autos was introduced in 1982 and is considered a more affordable line of Mercedes car. The 190e was first produced soon thereafter and was noteworthy for the comprehensive, demanding speed test Mercedes conducted on the model.

Where are the fuses for the dashboard light on a Mercedes 190E?

Where and how do you change the fuse for the dash bord lighting sytem in the 1993 190e 2.3l

How can you replace the cigarette lighter socket on a 1992 Mercedes 190E?

The Cigarette lighter socket needs replaced. Is this an easy task? Also , can the new socket be just a standard or special socket for the Mercedes? Thanks. Ed

Where is the switch to open sunroof on 1984 190E Mercedes?

There are two possibilities. Its either on the overhead console by the rear view mirror or on the center dash control switches below the heater vents.

How to Replace light bulb in auto gearshift 1992 190e Mercedes?

You have to remove the wood trim panel that covers the shifter.Then the bulb socket pulls out of the front end of the shifter.Pull the socet out and replace the bulb.

1985 Mercedes 190e hard starting when cold when hot starts fine?

The 1985 Mercedes 190e could have a stuck choke. Check the choke mechanisms to start with, to see if that's the problem.