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When I first saw the post I was hoping to find an answer ... but alas there isn't one.

I have the same problem and this is how I intend to deal with it

1- remove the electrical connector to the door (under rubber boot at door end of wire harness)

2- with assistance remove the 4 bolts (2 upper and 2 lower) that join the hinge halves (I plan on using a Sharpie to mark the relative position to get a good fit when I am done)

3- position the door in a way that it is easy to work on but take car to protect it from scratches etc.

4- the factory hinge pin looks as though the top has been peened over and I may have to cut one head off using my dremel and a cut off disc. It may also have a pressed on, threaded on, plastic cap. this being the case simply remove it

5- using a long punch and a hammer, drive the old pin out ( a cold chisel may also be used to start the pin at the head and then driven beside the pin under the head to wedge it out)

6- once the old pin is out I would imagine the bushings can be driven out from the opposite side using the same long punch. then press the new bushings in and line up the two halves. drive the new pin into position (most hinges I have done have had the head at the bottom .... I have no idea why)

7- bolt the hinges back up to the mounts taking care to align them as they were before removal. Failure to align them may cause the door to have uneven gaps or to not seal against the door gasket. Re-connect the electrical and test operate the door and all of the electronic functions

I have not seen a hinge quite like this and as I need to do it myself I will repost my successes and or failures. Keep in mind this is not an easy repair and you should find out what it would cost to have it done by a competent body shop .... on that note the Bushes were about $13 CAD and I think the pin was $8 CAD. That being said, if you know what you are doing and you are VERY CAREFUL you can do it yourself for considerably less, but if you are unsure and it will only cos $60 or $70 ... then maybe you should let a pro do it

I have a bit to add to my previous post.

the hinge pin on the Cherokee has been peened from both ends so you will have to cut the head off of it

you will need to go to your local mopar dealer and buy the hinge pin and the pair of bushings (or times two if you are going to do the upper and lower hinge)

remove the door by disconnecting the power bundle on the front edge of the door and pull the boot out of the way (careful ... these are beaucoup expensive)

use a sharpie and outline the position of the hinge flange on the mounting plate and remove the four bolts (two upper and two lower) making sure someone is there to help you hold the door up.

lay the door on a blanket on a large work surface and using a dremel with a cut off disc or a small grinder cut the head off of the old pin.

drive it out with a pin punch but be very careful not to cause any collateral damage. using the edge of the punch face tap the bushings out (make note of the way they are aligned)

using a soft face hammer gently tap the new bushings in and then tap the hinge pin in (make sure all parts are correctly aligned ... use the other hinge on the door as a reference if you lose track.)

the replacement pin does not have a keeper on it and the dealer in my area suggested bringing it in and letting him tack it with a mig welder, but I measured the installed length against the mew pin to see where the top of it would sit flush against the top portion of the hinge plate and marked it. I then chucked it into a drill and using the cut off wheel on my dremel I spun it up with the drill and holding the rotary tool steady I cut a shallow groove in the pin around its circumference. I then purchased an "E" clip that would fit the groove and after driving the new pin in with a soft faced hammer, installed the "E" clip.

then with an assistant line the hinge plates up with the marks you made on the mounting bracket and install the bolts (2 up and 2 down), connect the door electrics and re-secure the boot.

There you have it. I all of you out.


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Q: How do you replace the hinge pin and bushings on the front door of a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee?
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