How do you replace the ignition cylinder located on a 1992 Chevy Beretta?

I had this problem on a 90 beretta. If ignition cylinder is the same as ignition coils then it shouldn't be to terribly hard . you just need a warm garage to do the replacement. I suggest going to a junk yard and finding your same make and model (doesn't have to be exact) because you'll want the entire piece which includes the ignition module and two coils. research on the internet how they look so you'll be able to spot it. under the car have it jacked up and put stands underneath the front part of the car. reach over the transmission fluid reservoir and there will be the ignition coils. IF IT HELPS FOLLOW THE SPARK PLUG WIRES DOWN TO IT. I think the bolt sizes are 1/4 in socket. and have a medium sized extension piece to get better access. it will be slow and tidious and there is something called LIMP HOME mode. it is where the vehicle will not accelerate and the engine shakes uncontrollably. don't trust the auto shop people i had my ignition coils tested and they said they were still good but after I replaced the same ones they ok'd it ran perfect. I spent alot of money that didn't need to be spent. ok