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forgive my ignorance but i believe that the ignition switch is in the dash. first pull off the plastic coving around the switch and put the key in the ignition and roll it to the ACC position and look for a button or sliding lock device that will release the the lock cylinder from the external casing.

p.s. you may need to use a small screwdiver or an ice pick or a pen to push the button in.

Unless you are ready to do some work the ignition on a import is a sealed unit and you will have to drill out 2 or 3 roll pins which are set at 11-2 and 6 approximatly, after removing these pins the cylinder(Thats were the key goes) will then slide out. Then you are able to insert a new cylinder. But if this does seem to be to much of a hastle then your local locksmith is able to do this for you.

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Q: How do you replace the ignition switch in a 1992 Toyota pick-up truck?
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