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The ignition switch is located on the steering column about 18 inches up from the floor on the steering column. Simply remove the 2 screws and when you put the new one on you may have to adjust the switch back and forth until it starts and runs when it is supposed to.

thank you for the answer to my question but i believe it to be wrong. i have done this job before & remember having to take the steering wheel off but cannot recall what i did after that.i do believe gmc had two different models in 88 so that could explain the first answer i got.thank you

1.Remove the horn cover, remove the horn assembly (usually 3 screws & a wire that pushes & twists to remove). 2. Remove silver 3 point clip on the center post, remove 13/16" nut. 3. Use steering wheel puller to remove steering wheel. (make sure steering wheel is positioned where you can remember it). 4. Compress black lockplate with a lockplate tool. Remove retaining clip with small picks. Remove lockplate. 5. Remove hazzard light switch on outside of column. 6. Remove white turn signal assembly (3 screws), gently pull out a few inches, and move away to the side. 7. Remove brass electrical wedge that goes into the lock cyliner inside of the column. 8. remove screw (and plate if applicable) that holds in lock cylinder. 9. Pull out lock cylinder. Replace.

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Q: How do you replace the ignition switch in an '88 GMC custom deluxe?
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