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How do you replace the ignition switch on a 1995 Honda Accord?

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October 20, 2011 4:32PM

im posting this because when i looked for help nobody was able

to help, so here it goes. to begin with im not sure if this is for

an ignition switch, or the tumbler ignition piece, but i had to

replace the ignition part as some a-hole had stolen my car and had

used a screwdriver most likely to bust the ignition so you can now

start it with anything.

on to the fix! i took it to a mechanic, he said it would be 330

to fix. 195 for the part, and labor was the rest. i said screw

that, and went to a Honda aftermarket parts dealer in portland, or

(autoadventure), and bought one for $165. the guys there are

awesome by the way. so from there i was going to take it back to

the mechanic for straight labor, but the guys said i could do it.

so i did.

its easy, all you need is a screwdriver, a hammer, and a flat

head screw driver. you need the screw driver to take off the

plastic covering surrounding the ignition, its the piece between

the steering wheel and the dash. theres some recessed screws you

want to be sure to get or you will break the thing. i think there

is a total of 6 or so you need to get. then there are plastic tabs

you need to gently undo to get it apart (like those small plastic

Easter eggs kinda). from there you can see the ignition assembly in

plain sight. from there you notice that there are only 2 screws

holding the thing to the steering column.

i was confused at first because it looks like there are 2 rivets

holding it in place, but in fact they are screws whose heads have

been shaved off in factory. all you need to do is take your hammer

and flat head screwdriver, and wedge the screwdriver head in

between the lip of the piece and the screw, and bang it towards the

counterclockwise direction. this takes some time, and if at first

you are scared, don't be. you don't care about that part anyways.

you should have already gotten the replacement ignition (tumbler,

key hole, and electronics in one solid piece) so you don't need

that anyways. after you bang on it for a while, they should give a

little bit, so you can basically unscrew them with your fingers.

from there it is a quick switch. unplug the electronics from the

unit, and plug in the new one, bolt it on and replace the covering

and you are golden, and are $200 ahead of the neck punk mechanic

who tries to rip you off. hope this helps!

You may not even need to get the complete tumbler and key hole

part. Your only problem may be just the ignition wire that connects

to the back of the tumbler and is relatively easy to replace. This

part may go for about 80$ . I would recommend that you try to

replace this part first because it may save you from the trouble of

replacing the whole ignition unit which costs about $250(this is if

your car starts but does not stay turned on or if your car's power

turns off when you are driving). I went through the trouble of

taking the whole ignition unit off but just found that it was the

ignition wire on my 90 Honda Accord. And if your actual key

insertion cylinder is damaged, where you put your key in and turn

the car on, then I found that most auto-parts stores Like Kragans

or AutoZone have replacement key cylinders with a new set of keys

for about $30. Don't replace the tumbler body if you don't have to

because again, they are about $250. The Key cylinder should slip

out of the body by pushing a little button down that is on the side

while the key is turned at the I position. That's all I got for


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