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I just did this job on a 1992 Tracer, there probably haven't been too many changes over one model year.

First, take out the four 12mm bolts that hold the steering column up, let the steering wheel drop down into your lap. Take out the trim panel screws for the panel around the instrument cluster (you'll need a Torx bit). Disconnect any electrical connectors from that trim panel (I had two), and remove the panel. The instrument panel is held in with 4 Torx screws, same size as the trim panel. Next, disconnect the speedometer cable from the transmission. The connector is between the engine and the firewall, and is held in with a metal clip. Pull the speedo cable through the firewall, and the instrument cluster will push right out of the dash. Don't pull too far, you just need a little space to reach the light bulbs.

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Q: How do you replace the instrument panel lights on a 1993 Mercury Tracer?
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