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Get a manual on your car to make sure everything is torqued right .

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Q: How do you replace the intake manifold gasket on a 2000 Ford F-250?
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How do you fix intake gasket on 2000 lasabre?

The only fix for a bad intake gasket is to remove the intake manifold and replace the gasket.

How do you replace an intake manifold gasket on a 2001 Grand Am GT?

how to replace a distributor gasket on a 2000 Pontiac grand am 3.4l

Where is the upper manifold gasket located on a 2000 Chevy s10?

Assuming this is a 4.3L engine, the upper intake manifold gasket would be between the upper intake manifold and the lower intake manifold.

What is the cost to replace intake manifold gasket on 2000 Chevy venture?

well so far it cost me $700.00

Where is the thermostat on a 2000 Pontiac grandam gt?

by the lower intake manifold while you are doing this you should replace the intake manifold gasket anyway because it will leak sooner or later.

Can you show a pic of where the bolts for the intake manifold are on the ford expedition 2000?

Here is a link that shows how to replace the intake manifold gasket. Bolt locations and torque settings. Hope this helps.

How do you replace egr valve 2000 eclipse gt?

Unbolts the (2) 12mm bolts from the back of the Intake Manifold (next to the TB), take off and replace it with new gasket.

How do you replace intake manifold gasket on a 2000 Chevy blazer?

i have the haynes book from auto zone for mine, it has step by step instructions for taking off your intake manifold. i know cause im pretty sure my gasket just blew i been researching it also

What will cause antifreeze to mix with oil in a 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo 3.4?

You need to replace your intake manifold gasket. Chevy had a bad problem with these gaskets.

Where is the intake manifold gasket kit on a 2000 Isuzu rodeo?

where online can i order it at a cheap price?

How do your replace the intake manifold gasket on a 2000 Chey Malibu?

See Here:

How do you replace spark plugs 2000 Chrysler cirrus 2.5L?

You have to remove the upper intake manifold.

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