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How do you replace the license plate bulb on a 2000 Ford Focus 4-dr sedan?

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2011-09-12 21:00:39
2011-09-12 21:00:39

These are beauties. You'll need the socket and is part of the lense. It comes from the dealer and runs about $45.00 if I remember right. I know the contours have this style, and I am pretty sure the focus is the same. Correct me if I, m wrong when you find out..


You will need to open the trunk. In the inside of the lid there is carpeting. It is secured with Philips screw-pins. Remove these from one side only. You will then be able to pull back the carpet to access the bulb, and lens. Then you will need to pry out the old bulb and insert the new one. Don't get discouraged if this take a few tries or minutes, it's an acquired skill.


You could start by uncrewing the license plate itself. Once you remove the plate it will

make the next process alot easier. Use a Slotted (flat or straight) screwdriver and you

can pop the entire plastic light cover out from the outside. Get the screwdriver in from

one side and pop it out this will make it easier to change the bulb. Bulb should cost around

$5 at your local auto parts store.

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In the sedan you remove the bulb holder in the boot lid by twisting and pulling thn push the bulb down in the holder and twist then pull out

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The 2006 Legacy license plate bulb is accessed by removing the liner in the trunk and un screwing the plastic socket.

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It was just listed as a green sedan.The license plate was PZR 342

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