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If you are talking about the rear taillighs only the corner lights have bulbs pull back the inner trunk liner at the corner behind the light grab the grey or white plug and twist to remove the bulb the rear tailights on the trunk have no bulbs they are neon and if it is out the whole light assemble must be replaced

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โˆ™ 2007-01-17 19:58:56
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Q: How do you replace the lights on the rear center panel on a 1994 Thunderbird?
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under dash panel center

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there is a fuse dedicated to the running lights on the 96 Thunderbird. Check your fuse panel under the dashboard for the proper fuse and check to see if it is blown.

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You can replace the locking cylinder, on your 1994 Ford Thunderbird, by removing the inside door panel. The locking mechanism will be visible with the door panel removed.

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Have you checked the fuse panel under the dashboard for the instrumentation fuse being good or bad?

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