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First you should buy 5qts. 5W-30 engine oil, and get the proper size wrench i belive it is an 13 or 14mm.Also the right oil filter, you will need the engine size for the filter at the parts store, if it's not on the engine, then look under the hood for a sticker that says catalayst, and the engine family size should be there.Drain your oil, and look straight up above the pan and the oil filter should be looking right back at you, it will be small.Remove the old filter, and put your new one on making sure your old oil filter gasket is not stuck on the oil filter housing.Tightin your drain plug snuggly, as well as the filter.A Honda will hold 4 to 4.5 qts. of oil, so make sure not to over fill.Start with 4qts., crank the car let it run for about 30 secs. and then check the oil fill stick for the proper amount.

A 1992 Honda Accord LX, DX, or EX has a F22A1 engine. It is a 2.2L 4 cylinder engine. A parts store like Autozone for instance or Pep Boys will have the oil filter number there. The number for a 1992 Accord FRAM oil filter is PH3593A

  • Go out and get 5 quarts of oil. Either 5W or 10W (explained later)...

By: Noah D., VT.

1. Get underneath the car, jack stands or a pair of ramps is nice to have.2. Identify the Oil plug. A 17mm metric socket will fit it. It is at the bottom of the oil pan.3. Loosen it, being careful not to strip it. The oil will come pouring out at you pretty fast. Also make sure that you have a pan on the garage floor or ground so that the oil may be able to drain fast.4. After it is all drained out, replace the plug, first finger tight, then finally tightening it two or three semi-hard turns to complete the seal. Make sure to not overtighten, that'll create problems next oil change. 5. Loosen the oil filter. It is directly above the location of the oil pan drain. It is usually white or black with orange (If it's a FRAM filter), and is round. It will look like a cover to a liquid clothes detergent bottle. Oil will also come straight out or down so be careful of your eyes. 6. Lube the gasket around the filter with either oil or grease. 7. Replace the oil filter back onto the screw making sure it seats nice and tight. Don't overtighten, and also remember if the filter won't go on, don't force it- chances are it's either on at an angle or it's the wrong type of filter.8. Double check the tightness of both plug drain and filter.9. Add 4 quarts of 5W-30 or 10W-30 oil. 5W is best for winter or cold climates, 10W is better at warmer temps, it depends on what you want to get- the manual says 5W but it can also use 10.10. Put your car down so it's level (off ramps or jack), and check oil. Most 4 cylinder engines made by Honda take about 4.5 quarts of oil. Now you may add an extra small amount after checking. Level off oil to where it says the pan is full, and voila!

You've succesfully done an oil change on your 1992 Accord!Check out my H22A boosted Accord

That's all. If you have further questions about Honda or Accords, IM me @ SHOWACCORDLX92.

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Q: How do you replace the oil filter located on a 1992 Honda Accord 2.2l 4 cylinder and how much oil should you use?
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