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"TAke the trans pan off and it is there. It will takre about 4 quarts of trans fluid to refil the trans."

If the question refers to the engine oil filter, then it is located on the passenger side of the vehicle, just to the right of the engine oil pan. There is a suspension fork just under the oil filter, so you have to look above that or around it and you will see the filter. The top of the oil filter will be facing to the left, pointing toward the passenger side tire. There is a small flap on the left of the filter that you will have to push out of the way to get your hand on the top of the filter. I recommend jacking up that side of the car a few inches to get your arm in there. I also recommend using a FRAM filter, that way you can take advantage of the top grip feature so that you can get a much better grip on the filter and remove it very easily. Remember to "moisten" the gasket on the new filter before installing it. The Sonata takes 5 quarts of whatever premium oil you want to use, however, I cannot recommend a brand without starting an argument. I believe the car manual call for 5w30, but I have used 10w30 with no issues. Best of luck...

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Q: How do you replace the oil filter located on a 2002 Hyundai Sonata 4 cylinder?
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