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How do you replace the oil pan on a 94 Lincoln Mark 8?


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2008-01-02 14:56:31
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It it a somewhat complicated procedure, as you must lower the subframe to get clearance between the engine and the front subframe to have room to work. Get the car in the air using a lift/jackstands/etc.

Next, remove the long bolts that hold the motor mounts to the subframe (13mm). Use a Hoist or A-frame to securely suspend the engine so that it will not fall out of the engine compartment when you lower the subframe.

You will need a Torx socket (E-18 sized) to unbolt the subframe from the car's body.

You may need to unbolt some front suspension components (Upper control arm to Spindle nut; Air-Spring/Shock combo tobody nuts) to be able to lower the subframe.

Place a jack under the subframe before you remove the bolts; you only need to lower the frame a few inches to have room to work.

Be sure to use a NEW oil pan gasket when it's time to put everything back together. This is not a job one wants to have to do over again because of leaks.


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