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Remove the plug inside the interior armrest and remove Phillips screw. Revome armrest and two screws that hold door panel to doorframe. Pop the outer cover off the interior door handle. Remove the interior lock knob and remove door panel by popping out tabs connnected to doorframe and lifting up off of window ledge. Remove the two nuts holding exterior handle in place. disconnect the L shaped linkage from the handle.

The trick to getting the L shaped linkage into the new handle is to feed L shaped metal pole through hole in door where exterior handle was, leaving the lower end of this linkage in its slot. Next, feed the end of L shaped pole through the plastic 'hinge' in new handle by folding the hinge over and pushing the end of the L through both sides of the plastic hinge at once. slide the lower loop of the plastic hinge down the L shaped pole to secure pole to handle. Place new handle into door and reverse the process to reinstall interior panel.

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Q: How do you replace the outside door handle of a 1995 Pathfinder?
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