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How do you replace the passenger side electronic mirror on a 96 S10 blazer?


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Take your door panel off and unhook the wire and take the 2 bolts out

First there are a few companies that specialize in aftermarket mirrors and can be found by doing a search for the mirror you need. I paid $29 dollars for mine. To replace the mirror first remove the door panel: Open the window all the way. Remove the plastic screw located behind the inside door handle. This is a plastic screw and is not really attached to the door frame so if it does not extract you can pry it out a little and then grip it with needle nose to get it out. This will allow you to remove the plastic frame that goes around the door handle. It can be pried with a flat screwdriver but it is plastic and old and brittle so it is best to pry with your fingers pushing down on the top of the plastic frame. Once you have it pulled away from the door panel you can leave it hang there. On mine the driver side came off in two pieces and it was easy to remove. On the passenger side it the inner piece was glued to the frame so I had to leave it hang. Next use a screw driver and gently wedge the door panel away from the door starting from the bottom. They are plastic pieces that pop out so if you apply pressure near where the white plastic rivets are they will not break. There are 3 on the bottom and 2 on the side closest to the front of the vehicle. One in the middle and one near the top and 2 on the side near the door opening. Once they are loose lift the door panel up from the bottom and it will pop off. There will be rubber plugs in the access holes to the mirror screws. They will be brittle so carefully wedge them out. Use a #10 metric socket to remove the nuts. If you have a second person have them put a hand through the access hole below the catch the nut if you drop it. It you do drop it and can not get to it. You will need a #5 metric nut to replace it and a lock washer because they are special nuts that have the washer attached to them. I only took the nut out 3/4 of the way and used a needle nose ply-er to safely remove it the remainder of the way. Once the three nuts are removed you can detach the electric harness if you have an adjustable mirror. Then replace everything in reverse of how you removed it. Make sure you put the plastic weather protector back securely if it came off and the rubber boots in the access holes to prevent moisture damage to your electric controls or door speaker. When putting the door handle on make sure you test the door lock to assure you attached it correctly before putting the door panel back on. It took me about an hour to replace both mirrors and this job does not require any special tools or skills just patience.


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