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How do you replace the pick-up in the cam and the crank on a 1993 Foed Thunderbird 3.8 Super Coupe?


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the crank sensor is a two bolt one plug swap on the left passinger side of the crank it is a pain to get to remove three serpentine belts pull ac out of the way to give clear shot to sensor its about 2and half inches long eith a forty five crook in itthe cam sensor is located where the dist would be if it was a non sc eng dir swap don't swap cam sens plug with coil pack plug it will run for a while then fry cam sens or coll pack


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The Super Coupe was only equiped with the 3.8 L, V-6.

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To replace a radiator on a 1991 Thunderbird Super Coupe, a person has to drain the old radiator, then unhook all of the hoses. The radiator is bolted to the cross beam in the front and held in by bolts and screws along the sides and bottom. It is a good idea to take a picture of the old radiator and hoses to use as a reference when installing the new one.

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