How do you replace the power antenna on Mercury Villager?

I have replaced a non-powered antenna on a 1997 Mercury Villager - I assume they are the same.

1) Jack up the front passenger size of the car.

2) Remove the tire.

3) You can now remove the wheel-well. There are a set or screws around the wheel, and there are blind expansion pins on the inside. To remove the blind expansion pins push the inner pin through then pry the outer hold-down head off.

4) After removing the wheel-well you will see (or feel) the antenna assembly. There is one bolt that you can now reach that holds the unit in at the bottom. At the top the unit is held to the fender with a large ring that can be unscrewed.

I never figured out how to remove the antenna wire that ran to the antenna, so I stripped the wire and spliced in the wire to the new antenna.

Reverse procedure to re-assemble.